snapz-pro-xscreensnapz009.jpgAll this week we have been finishing up getting our middle school students on blogs. I love blogging with kids… they learn so fast and are like sponges when it comes to technology. I’m a technology teacher and what takes me 15 minutes to figure out will take them less that 5. It’s the nature of age and it’s the difference between being a Digital Immigrant vs. a Digital Native. Which one are you? I’ve learned to let the kids teach me what they know and learned to let it be okay that I am not the sole disseminator of information. Kids learn from each other, the learn from their parents, they learn from their teachers – I believe that we all work together, supporting each other. Age is not a factor in this equation – learning comes full circle.

I started blogging over three years ago – it was a personal blog and it got me hooked on technology as a means to celebrate learning and life! I started really blogging with my parent community last year as math teacher with this account and then created my professional blog a few months ago where I communicate with amazing educators around the world. Today I was curious about what I’ve been blogging about the most. As a teacher, I hope that I talk about my students the most and the learning that takes place in and out of school. A wordle is the perfect was to visually display this. The largest words are the most common words within my blog. I’m pleased that students and learning are a bit part of what I blog about! I think I’ll continue to take a look at wordles every once in awhile as a way to give me feedback about what I really think is important. Try it! Put your blog address in or create your own Wordle to showcase who you are and what you value!

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