My daughter is learning to read to just like every other first grader our there.  As a mom, this is my first time going through this experience since most of my teaching career has been in the secondary grades.  So I’ve decided to help her the only way I know how and that involves using technology.  Maddie has had her own blog since she was two years old and I have used that to document her journey overseas for family and friends.  Over the past couple of years, she has been using her owncamera to take pictures for the blog.  We then sit down together and talk about what she wants to say and I type away as she chatters on and on about her life.  Now that she is beginning to learn how to read and write though, she is able to take a more active role in her own blog.

Maddie is the youngest child in her class and needs a bit of a boost with her reading.  By introducing the technology component, I am hoping to answer some of these questions over the next couple of months:

  • How does recording herself reading stories and listening to herself impact her reading fluency and comprehension?
  • How does listening to pre-recorded stories that I have made for her on her iPod impact her reading development?
  • How does her attitude toward reading change by using technology to enhance her development?

Maddie opened up iMovie on her own yesterday after school and recorded herself reading a Birds’ Feet.  She then exported the file to Quicktime after her first take.  She took herself very seriously and really only needed help getting the movie on YouTube so that she could put it on her blog.  When we talked about what she had done by reading and listening to herself, this is what she found:

  1. Maddie said the title correctly the second time because she knew that she was being recorded.  She herself said that she would’ve just let the mistake stand if she had not been recording herself.
  2. Maddie stayed engaged throughout the entire process of opening up iMovie, recording herself, exporting the movie, putting it on YouTube, logging into her blog and writing the blog post.  She extended her time on task.
  3. After listening to her movie, Maddie made connections by remembering photos of me with a parrot when I was younger.
  4. Maddie was proud of herself and showed confidence in what she was reading.
  5. Maddie typed her own sentences in the blog post instead of asking me to type for her.

I am hoping that the self evaluation and reflection process is the cornerstone to learning reading for my six year old.  As educators, we build reflection time for our students to enhance their learning.  As a mom, I believe the self reflection process will give my child the confidence to encourage her reading development.

Maddie’s actual blog post is here.


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