As we move into full swing for our 1:1 planning at my school, we find ourselves in the position of celebrating and over-communicating about what we’ve been able to achieve with a laptop cart program. I decided to use prezi as it’s like a Keynote, but it’s much more dynamic to share those big picture ideas.

The big picture about our cart laptop program is that we’ve been able to achieve a lot of in a short amount of time across all disciplines in the middle school… must be the great software and the great technology integrationist!

This prezi presentation has given parents, board members, our superintendent, teachers and our students the knowledge that we use tech everyday across the board… at least that’s the feedback I’ve received so far. Just imagine what we’ll be able to do when every child has a laptop in every class!

I think that’s another prezi!

To view the entire presentation, click here!

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2 Comments to “Using Prezi to Share the Big Picture about 1:1”

  1. Katie says:

    That is one amazing presentation – I love it! What a great idea and fabulous way to showcase the projects your school is doing. I think I might borrow it to do some highlighting of the projects at my Middle School. I’m really impressed with everything your teachers are doing – it sounds/looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  2. […] This week, we have been fortunate to have Mr. Scott McCloud visit our campuses as part of the S2F2 lead up. Mr. McCloud works a great deal with digital comics and he is an incredible storyteller. Students listened to him give a student oriented TED Talk for a full hour and he had them eating out of the palm of his hand. He is a master storyteller! The way he demonstrates the use of an infinite canvas to share stories speaks to me.  He even wrote a recent blog post about Prezi – of course, I love that after my first prezi last month! […]