The first two days of school after the Chinese New Year holiday were dedicated to Professional Development.  I was asked to present three sessions.

Most of our teachers started blogging this school year for the first time in their life.  I’m still amazed by the fact that not once did administraiton ask them to blog…. they did however ask teachers to communicate with parents.

The PD session was titled “I’ve Got a Blog – Now What?” because teachers have achieved what has been asked of them… they are communicating with parents using their blogs.  But we can all be doing so much more! The three things we decided that we want from our blogs are:

  1. Build our Teacher/Professional Online Profile
  2. Communicate and celebrate the learning in our classes for parents
  3. Make our teacher blogs a place of “1st contact” for our students before they collaborate on the wikis and Nings

I used several resources for the Keynote (which I converted to a PowerPoint).  Thanks to my PLN for all of they great resources they share!

Applet used to show teacher blops as a graph.
How to link to other people in a blog post movie.
Rinse, Repeat, Remember Audio or Visual
Hey Blog Coach! Conversation Conductor

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2 Comments to “Taking Teachers Blogs Up A Level”

  1. Jeff Utecht says:

    Looks like a great presentation. One thing that I continue to think about (and go back and forth on on a daily basis) is whether we are doing teachers a service by calling these websites “blogs.

    Are we giving them misinformation? A blog is more than a website and even though that is the way that 99% of teachers use them, do we want to confuse them, or give them the wrong concept of what blogging is.

    Blogging (to me anyway) is more than just putting your happenings from the classroom out there, or keeping a professional profile. It’s about engaging in a conversation with people. With readers, and with others on the web as you are reading. What we do for the most part is give teachers an easy way to build web sites…not that this is bad. In fact I encourage it…but it’s not really a blog until a conversation happens, until teachers/writers open up and not only allow comments to happen, but are taking initiative to go out into the blogosphere and become part of it by commenting on others blogs.

    I don’t know…maybe I’m over thinking this. I just cringed sometimes when I hear a teacher say “I have a blog” when what they really mean is they have a website.

  2. aldecardy says:


    Thanks for the comments. Our thinking about the phrase-ology of blog is actually why I did this presentation with my staff. It was about taking their blog to the next level – it was about inviting conversation and making connections. I am happy to report that one week after this presentation, teachers are starting to blog differently and smarter by having their kids join the conversation on their blogs.

    This conversation takes me back to the Learning 2.008 EduBloggerCon. David Jakes respectfully said that connections need to happen while teachers learn the tools. For many of my teachers, this approach didn’t work because this would have put them “out there” too far. They had to learn the tool first… now after 4 months of blogging they are ready to take up to the next level.

    Thanks for the comments friend!