I love my teachers.  They are always willing to take risks and try something new with tech.  They are so positive and jump in with both feet.

Over the past week, I’ve been working with our two 7th grade science teachers Mrs. McDaid and Mrs. Bugenske on taking essential questions to another level.  They don’t just post questions on a wall and touch upon them occasionally.  The EQs are a focus and the students make valuable connections by addressing them.

We created two wikis for their classes where kids answer the four questions.  For 3 of the 4 quesitons, students must use some sort of technology. I gave them a few ideas on a Requirements page.  Why use tech to answer essential questions?

  • Students become more thoughtful with their answers
  • Students have the opportunity to listen in and respond to their peers, expanding their own knowledge
  • Students have the opportunity to see how others use tech and ask questions about it, wanting to learn more

You must watch what one of my students did for his first answer… Final Cut Pro, LiveType, citing sources.  Do you think he’ll remember more about this unit of study because of his tech experience?  I’m thinking the answer is…. YES!  Are all of the students producing this type of work?  No, BUT they want to… we’ve got them hooked!

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