Tweet Chris Lehmann (Principal of the Science Leadership Academy – small public school in PA and it’s a 1:1 school) presents Progressive Pedagogy and 21st Century Tools. Premise: Pedagogy Matters! Schools should be… Caring Place – we teach kids not subjects Inquiry Driven – what are the questions we can ask together? Student Centered – […]

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Amanda on July 1st, 2008

Tweet Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis discuss Flat Classrooms Jousting for the New Generation by David Loader is an excellent read over the summer. “Knowledge sharing among students can be a major source of content and pedagogy.” You know you have a flat classroom when… You expect to have daily conversations, ongoing, regular interactions with […]

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Tweet PowerPoints Again?? I suppose we go into each of these sessions with our own point of view. We read a description of a workshop or session, perhaps do a little research on the presenter and then go in hoping to get our needs met. This time I head to David Jakes and Dean Shareski’s […]

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Amanda on June 30th, 2008

Tweet Leading up to NECC, all I heard about was Edubloggercon, Edubloggercon… people were excited about it, but everytime I went online to investigate, it just seemed huge to me. I felt like Edubloggercon was going to be about the philosophy of technology rather than talk about tools. For this reason, I decided to give […]

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