I am amazed by technology still… good thing too! Every time I use technology or even think about technology, I learn so much more about connections through conversations with people around the world. Over the weekend, we met at Jonathan Chambers house for the continuation of our k12online conversation. Remarkable really – we all turned on iMovie and recorded ourselves wrapping up the sessions of the day and then Jonathan did an incredible job of editing the movies into what you will see below.

Dean Shareski, Clarence Fisher, Brian Lockwood, Jeff Utecht – none of these gents were in Shanghai with us, but were part of our conversation through U Tech TV in Bangkok. At one point, we even turned the computer so that they could watch a session with us.  They would hear us make our comments and turn around to comment on the U Tech TV chat which we were keeping our eye on.

Playing with technology is simply fun and it’s an added bonus that it’s always educational! :)


One Comment to “Shanghai k12Online Conversations”

  1. brian says:

    I wish Skype could support more than one video stream at once then we all could be video chatting live together. Wouldn’t that be so cool? Juice sounded like a cool tool too. I’d be interested in seeing how we can use that in future sessions.