img_0726What a week it has been! Coming home from the Apple Distinguished Educator training in Singapore, I was on such a high! I was thrilled to make so many connections with such wonderful people and I did want to lose the connections with the people. Over the course of this week, I’ve gotten together with them twice. We had a “social” gathering earlier in the week and today we met at a local school to learn more from each other. I attended David Gran‘s session about Final Cut – it was wonderful to have a big chunk of time to sit down with it wish such a knowledgeable user.  Jonathan Chambers also presented on LiveType which I also intend to spend more time with – but he’s across the hall from me so I intend to take advantage of that this week!  Below you’ll find an example of something he created today for his session!  (Watch ont Jonathan – I’ll be reserving you!) Thanks to all for such a wonderful professional development day!

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2 Comments to “Shanghai ADEs Gather”

  1. Amanda,
    It was truly a fantastic opportunity today, and I appreciate hanging out with you and other ADEs and other tech-savvy people so much. I actually took that short example of LiveType home and extended it into a full promo for S2F2 using both LiveType and Soundtrack Pro:
    I’m incredibly excited about the doors that you and Andy have opened for us in terms of becoming a very blog-savvy 1:1 laptop school. My gratitude cannot really be expressed in words, so I’ll give you both a big hug on Monday :-)

  2. aldecardy says:

    You do GREAT work Jonathan!

    Thanks for the comments about Andy! We’re all in a good place, a good school, with GREAT co-workers – these kids have the best of the best!