firefoxscreensnapz054Every school should have a YouTube channel, yes?  Why?

  • Kids love to see themselves on YouTube
  • Parents love to share the videos of their kids with family
  • Potential students can view the videos to see what life is like at the school
  • Potential teachers can view the videos to see what life is like at the school

In a school my size, I think just a few people should have access to update the site, but in a smaller school I think it’s absolutely possible to give each teacher the login information so that they can share the videos from their classrooms.  How many schools have YouTube sites up and running?  Hmmm.. the key is to keep them going!  Thanks so much to my colleague Jonathan Chambers for helping to create it!


2 Comments to “School YouTube Channel!”

  1. Chad Lehman says:

    I think this is a great idea. I certainly can see benefits. Our district has 16 schools, which is pretty good size so giving access to one or two people in each building to upload the videos could help control things. I wonder what the “Powers That Be” think of this idea? I bet their first thought would be NO. However, with some persuasion and good examples…….you never know.

  2. Tim Bray says:

    Great idea! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but it really makes sense. I’ve encouraged my students to have their own channels and I have one, but it would be great to have the school have one as well. Thanks for the great idea!