Over the weekend, the students performed at our spring drama event called Murder in the Air which is a comical dinner theater production. The play was presented well as the audience members were active participants throughout the whodunit production. The audience sat at round tables just as if they were at a banquet because we gave them a bit of group work during intermission.

As a group, we asked them to discuss who they felt was the culprit based on clues given throughout the first half of the performance. Rather than simply having them write their guesses down on a piece of paper, I used Poll Everywhere to set up a website that would allow people to vote. I opened the website on the iPads we use at school and then bookmarked the site so that an icon for Murder in Air was on the Homescreen of the iPad. The audience loved this little piece of technology by voting on the iPad and they enjoyed seeing the realtime results projected onto the wall.

To take it a step further, we allowed individual participants to vote for the culpret using their phones.

Individual Text Results

They would text a number and then identify the culprit in their message using a pre-assigned number. The adults and kids alike enjoyed watching the bar graph update by the second and they seemed to text several times just to see the graph change!

It was something so simple but yet so much. We were able to showcase a bit of technology and show off our new school App that is available on the iTunes App Store by placing the Murder in the Air icon next to the SAS App.  Just a pinch of marketing… :)

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