This message was sent out via Edline today!  If you did not receive it, please email me so that we can get your Edline account up to date!


Dear Parents and Students,

Congratulations!  You are receiving your first Edline message from the 8th grade math teachers in Pudong!

Periodically, we will be posting updated progress reports to Edline and informing you via Edline’s email system that we’ve done so.  Please keep in mind that these are “progress” reports and not final quarter grades.  We feel that it’s a good time to send a report now because we have completed our first unit of study and have grades for a quiz, a test, homework assignments and projects.  A double asterik (**) indicates that an assignment has not been turned in.  Please get these assignments turned in as soon as possible and don’t forget to check the “no name” baskets in our math classrooms.  Your  math progress reports will be listed under “My Reports” on the left side of the Edline page.

This weekend, each student will be taking home their first math test.  Students who earned at 75% or below will be required to do a little bit more than the standard corrections we all know and love!  Students who earn a 75% or below will be required to do a POK (a Proof Of Knowledge).  This will be due on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, depending on their math day.  Students are encouraged to use their notes and textbooks to work on corrections or the POK, and if they would like assistance beyond that please make an appointment with the math teacher and/or stay for HOT on Monday.  Students who earn a 76% or above will be required to do basic test corrections.  Proof of Knowledge directions are also on Edline for your reference.

It was a pleasure to meet so many parents at Open House last week.  If you were unable to make it to Open House, please log onto our math Edline pages and download the 8th Grade Open House Handbook for important information about all subjects.

Thank you very much for your support!  We have appreciated the wonderful feedback some of you have provided us and look forward to our continued partnership!

With Warm Regards,
Amanda DeCardy and Kay Saich

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