Dear Students and Parents,

Progress reports are scheduled to post to Edline on Friday, September 21 for all subjects. As you are aware, we posted a math progress report during the week fo September 10 -14. For this reason, we will not be posting progress at this time. Students have taken or will be taking the Chapter 2 test soon. Therefore, we will post progress reports for all students by Friday, September 28 to give you a clear picture of progress. The progress reports that you currently see from Edline have not been updated since the posting two weeks ago.

The quarter will end on October 26 and our goal was to complete three units of study about the Tools of Algebra, Solving Equations, and Solving Inequalities by that time. Students will begin their studies of inequalities late next week so we are on schedule! The first quarter units are the foundation for our future in-depth studies about linear, quadratic, exponential and quadratic functions during the upcoming quarters. Please encourage your child to attend Homework Opportunity Time on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays for to help make this foundation as strong as possible!

You may visit Edline now to see the First Progress Report Newsletter which provides parents and students tips for being successful in 8th grade mathematics. It is also attached below for your reference!

Thank you for your continued support!

With Warm Regards,

Amanda DeCardy and Will Knorr
8th Grade Mathematics
Shanghai American School
Pudong Campus


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