All students will be taking the Algebra 1 semester exam on early next week so we are spending this week reviewing. Is simply reviewing the best way to study for final exams though? Studying for major exams is much more proactive than simply re-reading the textbook. I came across this approach on a study habits website and I think it’s a great addition to what we are doing in class. Don’t re-read everything. Instead, find out what you don’t know as well and focus your studies in that direction!
A: Approach/attitude/arrange

  • Approach your studies with a positive attitude
  • Arrange your schedule to eliminate distractions

S: Select/survey/study!

  • Select a reasonable chunk of material to study
  • Survey the headings, graphics, pre- and post questions
    to get an overview
  • Study marking any information you don’t understand

P: Put aside/piece together:

  • Put aside your books and notes
  • Piece together what you’ve studied, either alone, with a study pal or group, and summarize what you understand.

I: Inspect/Investigate/inquire/:

  • Inspect what you did not understand.
  • Investigate alternative sources of information you can refer to:
    other text books, websites, experts, tutors, etc.
  • Inquire from support professionals (academic support, librarians, tutors, teachers, experts,) for assistance

R: Relay

  • Relay understanding:
    How would I make this information understandable to other students?

E: Evaluate/examine/explore:

  • Evaluate your grades on tests and tasks
    look for a pattern
  • Examine your process
    toward improving it
  • Explore options
    with a teacher, support professional, tutor, etc.

As you are studying for the test, remember to try and look at problems several different ways. If an eight year old can do this, so can you!! :)

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