Leading up to NECC, all I heard about was Edubloggercon, Edubloggercon… people were excited about it, but everytime I went online to investigate, it just seemed huge to me. I felt like Edubloggercon was going to be about the philosophy of technology rather than talk about tools. For this reason, I decided to give it a pass and attend all all day session about digital storytelling.

Carol Anne McGuire who is the ISTE teacher of the year led the session and she did so brilliantly. It was everything I was looking for in a first day conference session. It was active, fun, fresh, challenging… I was learning something new. Jeff Utecht said it perfectly in his reflection after his first day:

We both used the time as “Beta Time” time to learn something new, to be taught something new, to take risks, laugh, and talk about how these tools, these ideas can be/might be using in a classroom. We were looking for something new not rehashing the old.

My first day was all Beta Time. We took our video cameras as soon as we walked in the door, made a few new friends and filmed a short scene with a rough script in hand.  After watching all of our short videos, we talked about storyboards and made out first storyboards for what we had done and where we were going with out story.  The real fun started when we had to had over our storyboard to another group and they had to film our story.  In the end, we got our stories back and incorporated sound and lighting into our composition using point of view that made it real.  The day was a blast which is exactly what I needed for my Beta Time!

We are all now connected with each other through Carol Anne McGuire’s Rock Our World organization and her Moodle site.  Great resources – great people – great BETA!

So I attach my final product that is by no means great, but considering that I didn’t know much when I walked in the door, I’ll give myself some credit.  I do ask myself one question though: how the heck do I always get dooped into being the actor??  It’s so not my next calling…


One Comment to “My First Take on NECC 08”

  1. Hi Amanda!
    You did a fabulous job as the actress! I’m so glad you had a good day! This is always a favorite class of mine to teach and your comments touched my heart! Thank you so much for attending the class and bearing with me when I changed your scripts!
    I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will do next!
    Rock On!
    Carol Anne