While I was at the Apple Distinguished Educators training in November, we worked on our Wisdom Lost – Wisdom Found wiki and project in hopes that it carry through to our respective schools.  After sharing the project with my colleagues, we decided to model the Journeys Heritage Project after Wisdom-Lost, Wisdom-Found.  The Enduring Understanding for the unit tell you what we want students to take with them:

  • There are many types of journeys
  • Everything we do has an impact on ourselves and on our environment
  • Our past shapes our present and our future
  • Humans continually seek knowledge

The Journeys unit wrapped up last week with a culminating project about each student’s heritage. Each and every student used iMovie to create a digital story about their heritage and discussed and learned more about their family, environment, nationality and ethnicity. Over and over again, students made connections that ran deep into their heritage. They were insightful young adults and definitely are making their first steps towards becoming high school students. It always seems to happen around January and this project is proof of their growth throughout this unit of study. Thanks to Ms Muench, Dr. Brown, Mr. Small and Mr. Gilli for organizing this project with the students and for being committed to teaching the technology skills to support the student learning.

I hope you enjoy Tracy’s example!

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2 Comments to “Learning Through Heritage”

  1. It was a good experience for all, wasn’t it? Well done with the tech/concept support, Amanda. Next time I’m wondering if we can implement the ‘cutting/editing raw/stock materials’ concept that we were working on for “Wisdom Lost, Wisdom Found” at the start of the unit? I think it’d be interesting to find exemplars based upon the same source material and then to brainstorm/pinpoint why certain approaches/edits shined even though everybody had access to the same source material.
    What do you think?

  2. Dr. Brown says:

    WOW! Excellent example to share, Ms. DeCardy. A special thanks to you and Mr. Chambers for helping us all along the way!