The time has come… I have something to say. After spending thirteen years as a math teacher, I am ready for a change. It was a decision long in the making as it has taken me about three years to take the plunge. I blame Jeff and Andy. When they are separate they are amazing still, but when they are together they are unstoppable. In 2002 all of us were working at Yanbu International School (part of International Schools Group) in Saudi Arabia . I believe Andy came across this new open source “thing” called Moodle. At the time it was so new. He asked Jeff to check it out, Jeff ran with it as only Jeff can do and the rest is history. I started using Moodle in math classes and started training people at school and at NESA Conferences about the benefits. What a great way to get kids “talking” to each other about math and to get them reflecting about what it takes to be a good problem solver.

In 2005 we all moved to Shanghai American School and I found myself doing all of my math work first, but staying up until midnight just so I could get my tech fix. Jeff started seriously blogging his first year in Shanghai with The Thinking Stick and I started Maddie’s Minute shortly thereafter. I made my first podcast and started to actively look for ways to get technology into the hands of my students.

All of a sudden, I look up and I realize that I am a tech geek… I…

  • Use Twitter with family and educational professionals
  • Moodle like nobody’s business
  • Write on three blogs
  • Use Diigo
  • Use Nings
  • Use Firebox and Flock
  • Use Netvibes
  • Use Skype and iChat
  • Use U-Stream for Gourmet Geeks
  • Use my Smartboard religiously in math class
  • Set teachers and students up with blogs using WordPress MU

I know that I still have so much more to learn, but this is what makes me tick. I put the kids to bed and hop online to feel connected to the world around me. There is so much out there and I’m ready to leave math in order to try and make some sense out of all this tech around me. That is why the name of this site is Some Tech Sense…. I need some!

I decided to go ahead and import all post and comments from my school blog because it partly shows where I have been. This is not about the destination of knowing everything and doing everything correct. This is about the journey… there is growth in the journey.

Thanks for joining me and please feel free to give me feedback so that I can gain some tech sense!


3 Comments to “Launching Some Tech Sense”

  1. Congratulations on your new blog Amanda! This looks like a place I will want to visit frequently!

  2. Brian says:

    It’s so interesting reading the historical back ground, of your time in Saudi and then onto China. It must seem weird to have Jeff heading to Bangkok. It seems he’s also part of your family.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. “I’m ready to leave math in order to try and make some sense out of all this tech around me.”

    Amanda, do you really need to do that? Aren’t you already starting to converge these worlds through your use of Moodle with your classes? The “tech around you” will enhance the worlds you are already passionate about.