I am so impressed with the teachers at my school this year.  Nearly 75% have set up a blog as a way to communicate with their parents and as a way to interact with their students.  We had some teacher bloggers last year, but very few parents actually tuned in to what people were writing about.  Teachers were writing without a larger audience.  This year, I have set the goal to get every parent set up with a Netvibes page so that they can access all of their child’s teacher’s blogs quickly.  I’m attending the first PTSA meeting of the year this week to teach parents how to set up the page, I’ve written an article about Netvibes for our school-wide ParentTalk and I’ve created a screencast for parents to set the Netvibes page at home.  Below is the article – I really hope this works!


As a mom I crave information from my daughter’s teacher and I consciously sit down with my daughter after school to talk about the day with her.  At her age she joyfully provides me every detail, but I know that this stage will not last forever.  The fact of the matter is every parent wants to know what is going on in their child’s life when they are not in their presence, and the teachers at SAS are working hard to give you that information.netvibes.jpg

One way we are increasing our communication is through the blogging platform.  Shanghai American School owns it’s own domain name and teachers across all divisions are rapidly creating blogs as a means to communicate with their students and the parent community.  Blogs are offering teachers a way to celebrate the learning in their classroom, provide information about upcoming events, reflect on lessons taught in class, and to provide an extension to the standard classroom-learning environment.  Teachers are modeling what we are asking our students to do by acting as globally minded professionals who are empowered to seek and share information.

One of my primary goals this year is to help parents get connected and stay connected with the events going on in their child’s classrooms.  One method for parents to stay connected is to create a personal and secure Netvibes page on the internet.  When teacher blogs are updated, the Netvibes page will automatically be updated which saves parents the time of having to visit each and every teacher blog.  I will help parents set up a Netvibes page during parent coffees, PTSA meetings, open house, or even if they drop in the middle school computer lab if they happen to be at school on any given day.  I’ve also created a screencast to walk you through the steps at home on your own.

Get connected and stay connected through the SAS teacher blogs.  The information you receive will provide you with a conversation starter around the dinner table.  Especially for middle school students, the more detailed the question we ask them, the more detailed they answer!

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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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