Semester one final exams are over! The students knew the importance of this test. As I told them, the test serves as one of the indicators for which math class a student should take once they enter high school. Our 8th grade students are all currently taking a complete Algebra I course. Students will either take Algebra again next year or they may be placed into Geometry. This decision is not made lightly and Mrs. Saich and I are already talking to students a lot about their goal for next year. I know this much is true: Algebra I is the foundation for all future math studies. Students must be solid with their Algebra skills in order to be successful in higher math. I am confident that the majority of our students would do well in Geometry next year, but some may have difficulty when they move on to Algebra II their sophomore year of high school. Some students would benefit from taking a second look at Algebra I their freshman year.

If a student takes Algebra I their freshman year of high school, they are not behind in math in anyway, shape or form. Their math sequence may look something like what you see below. At the high school in Pudong, students are allowed to “double up” on math their sophomore year so that they are able to take a higher level of IB math their junior year. Another option for some students is to take Geometry summer school after their freshman year in order to get into Algebra II/Trigonometry their junior year. My point is that there are always options for students. Their math career and sequence is not set in stone because of their freshman year placement.

I have talked with each student to let them know my first thoughts about what math they should take next year. Recommendations will occur in the spring and be finalized in May. If a student would like to work over the summer towards a higher placement, they should take the math placement exam the week before school starts next year. More information will be available during the 4th quarter about this process.

If you have questions or concerns about math placement, please contact me and I will walk you through the process!


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