I am constantly thinking of ways to try to get my teachers hooked into technology. Technology cannot be seen as just one more thing on their already busy plates.

  • Technology has to be seen as fun…
  • Technology should help teachers celebrate the successes of their students
  • Technology should help everyone is our communities stay connected; parent to teachers to administrators to parents to teachers to administrators and back again.

I’m sure others may know about this, but I just stumbled upon it through my PLN on Twitter. Glogs are just one more way to get teachers involved. At the beginning of the school year, teachers were asking the question: How do I get my Publisher newsletter on my blog?  “Our” answer was very simple: Yes, you can get your newsletter on your blog, but you shouldn’t as Jeff Utecht put it.  We were trying to get our teachers to blog more frequently with the information that they normally would’ve put into a newsletter. I recognize though that it’s not easy for many to jump into blogging and make a clean break from their traditional newsletter. Maybe, just maybe, I glog would be a good transition for them. They are still able to create a newsletter of sorts, but the tech is just a bit more involved. What do you think?

I helped out my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher and made a glog of their first class Publishing Party. I can see possibilities for glogs with teachers and students. And by the way, my daughter and I did have FUN creating our first glog!

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