Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis discuss Flat Classrooms

Jousting for the New Generation by David Loader is an excellent read over the summer. “Knowledge sharing among students can be a major source of content and pedagogy.”

You know you have a flat classroom when…

  • You expect to have daily conversations, ongoing, regular interactions with students and classes around the world
  • You and your students collaborate to create products that make a difference in the world with people from different countries.

Students are having opportunities to interact with other adults who review content on the wiki and give feedback around the world. Go to p. 501-503 in Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat for a great discussion. Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind and Wikinomics served as inspirations for the project.
Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World After September 11
All projects
Flat Classroom (back off sept-nov)
Horizon Project Mar-June
Digiteen (for younger kids age 13-14)

Elementary Group
Create a Ning and embed Voicethread in the Ning using peer review.
Virtual Fieldtrips in a flat classroom – Monstorous Google Map with an overlay

Social Studies/History/HumanitiesStudents come from one place and another place to meet in a third place and plan a virtual student fieldtrip… airfare, sights, hotels, visas, using email, Ning, voicethreads

Ask students to create a digital story about what it takes to be a good digital citizen – digital storytelling
Parent and student survey piece as done in Digiteen

Podcast about what is looks like in their biomes
Create voicethread discussing particular artists and sharing different points of view.
Email Kevin for more information The Rest Area is his blog….

MS Group
Students collaboratively create Non-Governmental Organizations for issues that are world-wide or regional such as poverty, peacekeeping, conflict prevention, international labor/migration rules, digital divide. Students can use voicethreads, wikis, blogs, video-conferencing…


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