Before the Apple Distringuished Educator Asia Institute began, I headed on down to Singapore with a few other ADEs to be part of Final Cut Pro training.  I’ll admit, I’ve opened Final Cut Express a few times but I haven’t really spent too much time with it.  It, along with Final Cut Pro, is the type of program you need to sit down with for a big chunk of time so that you can process and put all of its intricacies deep inside your head.  I’m walking out of the training inspired because I actually see a use for this dynamic program even at the middle school level.  As a teacher, I can’t wait to get back to school so that I can tape something with several cameras and put it all into Final Cut Pro.  My biggest question that I have is this:  What types of Final Cut projects are schools doing with their students?

Ripping, Rolling, Slipping, Sliding… I kind of feel like they are lyrics from a 60’s song but we are talking about a mighty powerful piece of software.

So, two questions:

What types of projects are you seeing from students using Final Cut?

Do you think it’s necessary to have Final Cut Pro for schools or does Final Cut Express do the job?

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One Comment to “Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express?”

  1. I have used both Pro and Express. I have found that Pro just gives me too many options, that there were things crowding what I was really doing. Express has worked perfect for me. It gives me more than iMovie in terms of options and control, but not so much I can’t handle. Since I switched to Express I have yet to run into a need for Pro.

    Have fun!