How lucky am I?

To sit in the room with roughly 40 educators, talking about tech, sharing our thoughts, discussing what works, seeking insights and knowledge from those that have been there before.  THAT IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!  I realize I’m yelling, but the bottom line is that with the above, students will only reap the benefits.

Below are things that made me think from Edubloggercon….I use their Twitter names so that you can follow them if you are not doing so already.  Of course, they said so much more and I’m not sure if I’m accurately reflecting what they meant to say.  They made me think though and then I thought some more…

@glassbeed – Expose kids to as much as possible in the middle school years as it will allow them to make research bases choices about the specialties they go into in high school and university. Blogs, Wikis, Skype, Digital Literacy… that’s our job as Technology Integration Specialists.  With that said, the teachers need to know about the toolbox, but they shouldn’t feel pressure to use ALL of them!

@bcrosby – Kids are writing, kids are making mistakes, it’s okay… make the connections outside of the four walls of school.  It makes learning real for the kids when they have a wider audience.

@jennyluca – 1:1 laptop school’s always have the pressure to be doing more than they already are doing.  Why is that?  Is that right?

@dearlibrarian – staring to use Twitter with the kids to get the message out about technology.  What an amazing lady – I need to talk with her more.

@nzchrissy – Keeps Skype on in the classroom and pauses when someone calls in because it keeps the learning is real and current.  Boundless enthusiasm…

@djakes We need a systemic approach! Focus on the Learning….

@adecardy – that’s me…Doesn’t a systematic approach to technology mean that teachers have to have a starter toolbox before the learning happens with the students?  I feel like I’m doing so much on the tool side and I want to focus more on the learning side, but I struggle with how much should be in each teacher’s toolbox.  I want to move the whole school forward together – not as little pockets of success… I want so much more.

We then broke out into group sessions with about 10 people in each group.  I headed into a session with @julielindsay titled: What was your tipping point? How did you get where you are now?  Excellent stories that let us know each other beyond or short talks at Edubloggercon.  We then broke out into a session with @mscofino where we talking about Shifting an Entire School. Ultimately, organization change will shift only if you have leaders in the school and you tap into all resources from teachers, students, parents…

The phrases that stick with me most from the entire day?

@djakes Focus on the Learning.

@djakes – Educate their brains and hearts together.

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