We’ve been talking a lot about blogging lately. In my advisory class, I’ve been sharing my daughter’s blog and I’ve been pulling up student blogs using my LCD projector so that they can see what their friends are writing about in their blogs. I hope that I’m inspiring them to sign up for a Netvibes account! This week in the 8th grade advisory classes, we spent a lot of time talking about creating online profiles. Last week the teachers received a very well written email from a student asking us to open the blogs up to more personal entries – entries beyond homework assignments. The students were right on track with this request as the entire point of blogging is connectivity. Before we “open up” the blogs though we felt that it was time to talk about what is okay to write and what is not okay to write on blogs.

On Monday Technology Resource Facilitator, Jeff Utecht, talked with the kids about creating their online profile. Their were moments of laughter and moments where could could hear a pin drop in the Lecture Hall which I hope is a sign that they students took the presentation to heart. A few weeks ago, he gave the same presentation to Pudong’s high school students. In his blog, The Thinking Stick, Jeff discussed what he presented to the students of SAS.

We talked about creating an online profile that represents who you are, or who you want to be. We discussed the fact that our society at this moment in time really doesn’t know where to draw the line when it comes to what is private and what is public, what should be held against you in a job interview and what shouldn’t.

One of the best visualizations came from the Websites as Graphs site where you can enter any website address and it will turn into a picture that shows how information flows from that website. The picture in this entry represents just that! Jeff started the conversation about cyberbullying as well and used The Ad Council’s videos to make a point.

SAS students will follow the same philosophy: If you wouldn’t say it in person, then why say it online?

Tim Munnerlyn, middle school counselor, followed up with a cyberbulling presentation on Wednesday. The combination of the two presentations started some great conversations amongst the kids. Blogging is here to stay and there is a way to blog responsibly.


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  1. lpeake says:

    Hello Ms. DeCardy, I found your blog as I was looking up examples from SAMS Puxi for our counseling department. We have also been talking to the kids about cyberbullying over here. Once I get my blog going, I would like it to have a link where it is for kids to add to and write in their thoughts etc. and create some conversations online.
    I think it’s great you’re actively talking about this in your 8th grade advisory. I may want to collaborate with you some more once I get going. Maybe we can have some 8th graders talking back and forth?
    Ms. Leslie Peake
    PS. I really like your cat that moves with the mouse! Where did you find that??