This week students in 8th grade science presented their findings after a study of biomes around the world. By infusing web 2.0 tools, students were able to extend their learning through collaboration and team work using the our school’s new educational Google accounts.  My school  joined with Google and created their own Google portal which gives students access to Google tools like Google Docs, Google email through a unique school domain name, and Google Calendar. Using these tools, students were able organize and collaborate their biome presentations online.

I first worked with Mr. Weiss’ 8th grade science a few weeks ago around the concept of Presentation Zen. The Presentation Zen techniques taught students how to use PowerPoint and Keynote as a way to support their individual knowledge of a subject through images. Students were then given access to their school Google accounts for the very first time where they created a Google Doc that was shared with their group members. Students accessed Mr. Weiss’ Blog where they downloaded the Biome presentation requirements and copied that information over to their shared Google Doc.

Over the course of the next few weeks, students accessed their Google Doc several times from home, school, and even vacation so that they could plan their presentation online. Without sending a single email, students accomplished the following:

  • organized who would present each biome component
  • collected images for the presentation, including sources
  • created notes for scripts during the presentation
  • shared ideas about the presentation mechanics

As students made their presentation some students took notes in their journals while the scribes of the day took notes on their blogs as a cross-reference for notes. The students took their presentation skills and note-taking skills to a higher level by infusing technology throughout the process.  I’m proud of their first venture into the land of Google Docs!

Biome Savannah Presentation
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