In November, students went through the student involved conference process which included sharing and setting goals with their parents. Before we leave for the winter holiday, students are revisiting these goals and setting two new goals to take them through the next quarter. SMART goals are just that… they are Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, and Timely. The most common goal is for students by far is to “get on high-honor role” for the rest of their days, but we ask them to dig a bit deeper. What would prevent them from getting onto honor role? Would it be procrastination? Not taking notes in class? Spending too much time texting friends? The answer is different for each student, but we ask them to tackle those answers through their goals.

Students write their goals in three areas: an academic goal, a health/wellness goal, and a personal behavior goal. Sometimes they overlap, but we feel that it’s important for the students to find a sense of balance in their lives. All too often, students are so hungry for that perfect grade that they forget to take care of themselves. Conversely, sometimes we see students kicking their heels up a bit too much and forgetting about the academics. The goal setting process is intended to help them strike a balance. We’ll be asking the students to reflect on their goals once a week. All students are required to write at least one of their three goals on their blog, but some may write all three. While some students may choose to hand write their goals on forms in the classroom, all students will reflect on their progress towards their goals.

I think it’s only fair to model what I’m asking of my students. So I share you with goals in these three areas. Maybe by putting my goals out there, you will help me be accountable!!!

My Academic Goal – I have been talking about it for years so it’s time for me to jump in… I will start working towards my certification in School Counseling at Lehigh University by taking one online course in the spring of 2008.

My Health/Wellness Goal – We all know that I just had a baby… I will go to the gym three to four mornings a week where I will do 20 minutes of cardio each time and 30 minutes of weight training in order to become more physically fit and healthy.

My Personal Behavior Goal – Just so those precious moments don’t slip away too fast… I will decrease the amount of school work I do at home from 5:00 – 8:00 so that I can spend quality time with my children and will be home by 4:00 twice a week. (Thank goodness I live near school.)

Happy Goal Setting!

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