Amanda DeCardy is a National Board Certified Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator and recently joined Apple Professional Development.  Amanda is currently working as a Technology Coach and Embedded Staff Development Specialist at Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus.  She has worked in international schools in China, Saudi Arabia and Japan, serving as a classroom teacher, a Professional Development Coordinator, an ATLAS Coordinator and most recently as Technology Integrationist.  Ms. DeCardy has presented at EARCOS and NESA conferences and has taught graduate coursework through California State University-Northridge.  She a mother of two girls: Madeline, age six and Amelia, age two.  Her writings can be found on her two blogs, and

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2 Comments to “Who I Am”

  1. Brian says:

    Some how I missed your blog before. I found this link through I have added your site to my blog roll and Google reader. Looking forward to reading all your current and future posts. The one about twitter looks really good, I promise to comment on that later on.

    All the best,


  2. […] Amanda Decardy , in her blog sometechsense, made an excellent point about what we need to create a foundation for this new shift in thinking: […]

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